Message In A Bottle: Wine and climate change

McLaren Vale. Image source

Viticulture delivers important messages about a changing climate and grape-growers and wine producers are observant and responsive to any impacts on their product, especially when it comes to signs that a particular grape variety or vineyard is not performing. One example is in South Australia, where high-quality wine producers are using their expertise to adapt to the state’s changing climatic conditions.

Melbourne’s urban forest plan

Melbourne's new urban forest and Nature playground on the site of the old Royal Children's Hospital.

A warming climate will create more hot and dry conditions for Melbourne and tree-planting now will help protect future residents from heat, increase biodiversity, improve air quality and enhance recreational opportunities.

What if the climate change deniers are wrong?

  We can’t know for sure what the future holds. But, there are enough scientific resources dedicated globally to better understanding our climate and the impact of humans upon it, that we should have a reasonable idea of what to expect. In 2009 a US survey showed 96.2 per cent (76/79) of published climate science

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