Raw milk devotees bitter over harsh additive

Nutritionist Arabella Forge addresses a Melbourne raw milk rally

A community of raw milk drinkers protested at the office of Minister Jane Garrett on Saturday over regulation that will see a bitter additive included in their favourite beverage. Janene Trickey reports for The Age.

Reflections on community


Now that I’ve gone from working in the city to working for myself from home, I’ve noticed how different my suburb is during the week. I used to only experience it on the weekends.

30 simple pleasures

Bush walk in Victoria Australia

Simple pleasures are free or low-cost reminders of the joy to be found in every day living. They allow us to stop our mind’s busyness for a moment, breathe more deeply, be thankful and gain perspective. Which of these 30 simple pleasures resonate best with you?

5 ways to be your best you

#mybestme http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-image31247237#res6850678

Everyone’s ‘best me’ is different, but there are things we can all do to improve our chances of success and happiness. Most of the things that lead to success, however we each define that for ourselves, rely on our own commitment and attitude. Luck has little to do with it.

The bees pleas

The bees pleas

I’m obsessed with bees lately. To the point I’m thinking of having one tattooed on my foot.

I’ll tell you why, and then you can let me now what you think of the tattoo idea by making a comment below.

The good oil on ageing well

Argan oil has been used for centuries as a beauty product

The key to ageing well and looking good needn’t be expensive chemical-laden creams or cosmetic surgery. More natural options abound, often based on wisdom and practices that have been around for centuries.