Responsible pet ownership and the horror of puppy farms


Unable to walk on leads, two smelly dogs with matted fur are carried to a table for examination by Australia’s only forensic veterinarian Rebecca Belousoff. Janene Trickey reports for Otter on her meeting with some dogs and puppies that had been rescued from an illegal puppy farm.

Australian fashion brands exploiting workers exposed

Australian Fashion Report 2015 available from Baptist World Aid website

The 2015 version of The Australian Fashion Report and accompanying Ethical Fashion Guide are now available to download from the Baptist World Aid website. This updated report rates fashion brands available in Australia for their treatment of the workers in their supply chains. Essential reading for any conscious consumer.

A guide to practical contentment


A lot of people search for ways to find happiness, but I’ve found the idea of contentment to be more important than happiness. Why contentment over happiness? A few important reasons:

Can our intelligence save us?

Blue vivid image of globe and man on laptop. Internet Concept of global business

“Can our intelligence save us? I hope so.” David Attenborough.

These are the words concluding the BBC documentary How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth (BBC, 2009). In it David Attenborough explores the issues associated with a growing human population; demand for food, water and energy.

The new symbols of privilege and status

The old way of showing off your privilege

A recent article I read has me thinking. It asks whether wellness is the new status symbol and argues people are now “health bragging” to show off their privilege, rather than buying luxury cars or designer handbags.

Ballarat’s new rebellion, where #foodisfree

Food is Free Laneway host Lou Ridsdale with visitors Maddy aged 5 and Ethan aged 4

Ballarat is in the midst of a new rebellion. Like Peter Lalor 160 years before her, Lou Ridsdale was disillusioned with Australian politics and decided to do something about it. The Food Is Free Laneway is the result, where #foodisfree for everyone to share.

The best tasting slavery-free chocolate for Easter

Slave-free chocolate eggs for Easter

Unfortunately chocolate is often made from cacao farmed in west Africa using child labour and slavery. Eight people have taken on the challenge to find the best tasting Fairtrade or UTZ certified chocolate Easter products in Australia. And one lucky reader will receive a slavery-free chocolate hamper valued at over $100.

The trans-seasonal wardrobe

Trans-seasonal wardrobe for more sustainable living.

By investing in a quality trans-seasonal wardrobe, it’s possible to avoid unnecessary fashion purchases.

The benefits go further than sustainability; think of the wardrobe space to be saved, budget benefits and ease of deciding what to wear each day.