#heatupthestreet this winter

Sumo Salad is partnering with Vinnies this winter to feed homeless people.

I was invited to participate in Sumo Salad’s #HeatUpTheStreet promotion. It’s a great initiative where they have partnered with the St Vincent De Paul Society, aka Vinnies, to provide food for homeless people this winter.

How Not to Hurry


Maybe we’re going at the wrong speed. Maybe if we are constantly rushing, we will miss out on life itself. Let’s let go of the obsession with speed, and instead slow down, stop rushing, and enjoy life.

Recycling is not enough

Plastic washed up on remote beach in the Indian Ocean. Photo by Janene Trickey.

Australians are good recyclers, but we could all do much more to reduce our waste going to landfill. Read more about some inspirational women doing what they can to help.

21-day minimalism challenge


Inspired by The Minimalists I decided to do a 21-day minimalism challenge when I moved house recently. The idea is to box up everything you own, unpack only what you use for 21 days and then discard or store the rest.

Shop for conscious consumers popping up on Pin Oak

Evolution Emptor popup shop 64 Pin Oak Crescent Flemington Victoria 3031

The Evolution Emptor popup shop will be located at 64 Pin Oak Crescent Flemington from Sunday 14 June until Friday 31 July and will be open from 10 am until 3 pm daily. The launch party will take place Saturday 13 June. For an invitation visit http://eepurl.com/ZaqC9

Divest, switch, offset

Evolution Emptor tips for more sustainable living: Divest, switch, offset

Unfortunately, with climate change we don’t have generations to make change. Burning fossil fuels is the most significant contributor of greenhouse gases so it is argued that we, the people, need to accelerate disruption of the fossil fuel paradigm.

Could you live in a tiny house?

French Doors by Tammy Strobel on Flickr

Have you ever longed for a simpler life or imagined being mortgage-free? Meet some people pursuing a new Australian dream. They’re wanting to live off the grid in tiny houses they’ve built themselves.

Solar panel battery storage for homes an affordable reality

Solar PV battery storage just got more affordable.

Watch out power companies, affordable solar photovoltaic battery storage is now available for sale in the US for as little as $3,500. Tesla’s new Powerwall and Power Pack products have launched, and sold out until 2016. Find out what all the fuss is about by watching the presentation launch video here.

You may be travelling less, and that’s a good thing

People travelled a total of 40 trillion km in 2012, mostly by car. Norlando Pobre/Flickr, CC BY

Travelling less, particularly by private car, is good for our health, other humans and the planet. This article by Patrick Moriarty from Monash University was first published in The Conversation. In it he outlines the problem and proposes ‘localisation’ as a possible solution.

DIY succulent terrarium

Make a succulent terrarium

Make your own succulent terrarium. Whether for Mum for Mother’s Day, a friend in hospital, an Aunt for Christmas or your cousin’s housewarming, this thoughtful, home-made but good-looking gift will be treasured because you took the time to make it yourself.