The trans-seasonal wardrobe

Trans-seasonal wardrobe for more sustainable living.

By investing in a quality trans-seasonal wardrobe, it’s possible to avoid unnecessary fashion purchases.

The benefits go further than sustainability; think of the wardrobe space to be saved, budget benefits and ease of deciding what to wear each day.

5 ways to be your best you


Everyone’s ‘best me’ is different, but there are things we can all do to improve our chances of success and happiness. Most of the things that lead to success, however we each define that for ourselves, rely on our own commitment and attitude. Luck has little to do with it.

New pastor for Stawell’s Church of Christ

New Stawell Church of Christ pastor Barrie Rowland-Hornblow.

STAWELL – After almost eleven years without one, Stawell’s Church of Christ has a new pastor. Barrie J Rowland-Hornblow has come out of retirement two days a week to service the Stawell community and build up the congregation from a loyal 20.

Qaba shampoo and conditioner

I saw Qaba’s attractive bottles in the window of a local hairdressing salon. Looking at the website on returning home, I saw these hair care products were developed by a hairdresser and are made locally, in Brunswick Victoria, from  certified organic ingredients.

Australia’s new rush

Queensland farmers are discovering the dark side of coal seam gas mining while Victorian farmers in Gippsland, whose land is being eyed by gas companies, have won an extended moratorium on the practice.

Murchison-Hume superlative hand wash

Many commercial liquid hand soaps dry my skin and the unnatural fragrances can be overpowering. Evidence is also mounting to suggest the use of anti-bacterial cleaning products is adding to the prevalence of super bugs, and may actually be harmful to the long-term health of your family. (Post update Feb 2014: Watch this video) The

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I attended a presentation today by an urban designer, Jon Shinkfield, who used the term ‘imagineering’ to describe what he is doing by entering international urban design competitions. His sustainable residential developments incorporate water harvesting for cooling and food production, carbon neutral energy generation, public transport and a focus on community building – walking, cycling

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Olive oil and goat milk soap

goats milk soap

I prefer a bar of soap in the shower to a body wash, but it can be very difficult to find soap that does not contain palm oil. I first discovered olive oil and goats milk soap at a local Sunday market. It is fragrance-free and suitable for sensitive skin, which is good for my

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