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Whether it’s Dad’s 1st or 50th Father’s Day, he’s sure to love this prize that doesn’t cost the Earth. Each of 3 winners will receive a Father’s Day gift pack containing over $345 worth of stylish and sustainable products

My Perfect Morning Routine: Part I

First sunrise of 2014 in Melbourne. Photo by Steve Davidson via Flickr.com

I’m writing this post in the hope that making it public will ensure I do all of this every morning. I certainly feel better when I do, but I have been a bit slack recently, choosing to stay in bed another half hour rather than doing the exercise and meditation component.

5 Selfish Reasons For Sustainable Development

Girls play in the schoolyard at Santo Niño Elementary School in the town of Tanauan, Philippines. Photo: UNICEF/Giacomo Pirozzi

Living in a developed country, aspirations for sustainable development can seem to be mostly for the benefit of others; poor people in developing countries, that have little impact on us here. Here’s 5 selfish reasons why we should care.

Melbourne’s urban forest plan

Melbourne's new urban forest and Nature playground on the site of the old Royal Children's Hospital.

A warming climate will create more hot and dry conditions for Melbourne and tree-planting now will help protect future residents from heat, increase biodiversity, improve air quality and enhance recreational opportunities.

#heatupthestreet this winter

Sumo Salad is partnering with Vinnies this winter to feed homeless people.

I was invited to participate in Sumo Salad’s #HeatUpTheStreet promotion. It’s a great initiative where they have partnered with the St Vincent De Paul Society, aka Vinnies, to provide food for homeless people this winter.

Recycling is not enough

Plastic washed up on remote beach in the Indian Ocean. Photo by Janene Trickey.

Australians are good recyclers, but we could all do much more to reduce our waste going to landfill. Read more about some inspirational women doing what they can to help.

21-day minimalism challenge


Inspired by The Minimalists I decided to do a 21-day minimalism challenge when I moved house recently. The idea is to box up everything you own, unpack only what you use for 21 days and then discard or store the rest.

Shop for conscious consumers popping up on Pin Oak

Evolution Emptor popup shop 64 Pin Oak Crescent Flemington Victoria 3031

The Evolution Emptor popup shop will be located at 64 Pin Oak Crescent Flemington from Sunday 14 June until Friday 31 July and will be open from 10 am until 3 pm daily. The launch party will take place Saturday 13 June. For an invitation visit http://eepurl.com/ZaqC9