59 chemicals you might choose to avoid in your cleaning and beauty products

59 chemicals you might choose to avoid in your cleaning and beauty products. Free printable wallet download.


There are many chemicals legally included in our cleaning and beauty products that are of concern to some, especially those with experience of cancer, susceptible to respiratory illness or prone to skin irritation.

If this concerns you, you may like to download our free printable wallet guide that you can conveniently take shopping with you.

It contains a list of 59 of the worst chemicals commonly found in cleaning and beauty products, as documented by organisations such as the Environmental Working Group and the David Suzuki Foundation.

For most people these chemicals have not been proven harmful, which is why they’re allowed in our cosmetics and cleaning products, but the cumulative effect of a lifetime of multiple exposures is little studied.

What scientists do presently know is that lifestyle factors including smoking, obesity, excessive alcohol consumption and sun exposure pose more of a cancer risk than low-dose exposure to these chemicals.

Many of them may cause or worsen skin irritation or respiratory illness though, so if you have a family member with excema or asthma for example, it may be best to know which chemicals to avoid.

Download and print the guide to have this handy reference available next time you shop.

Download the free wallet printable guide to the 59 chemicals you might choose to avoid in your celaning and beauty products.



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